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 Voice Revamping

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PostSubject: Voice Revamping   Voice Revamping EmptyMon 17 Jan 2011, 8:51 pm

Okay, so! I've finally gotten around to a relatively set schedule of when I do and don't work--now that the holidays are over and hours are back to noncrazy at the store--and I'll be able to take part in things going on here at The Voice. That means offering my own work as well as critiques of others.

Stability and I are close friends now and I hope that doesn't change for a good long while. Unless of course the change involves only good things.

So! For those still interested in participating in this little group, I'm hoping this is sort of an unofficial relaunching. I'll be checking in a handful of times a day to see what's up and what isn't, heh.

Also, in the way of topics, I've deleted those requesting to be deleted. For everyone else, come the end of January, if it wasn't posted in DECEMBER of 2010 or later I'm going to delete it. The only exception will be the WOM stuff because I'm going to be going over all that and see what I can do to make the next go round more successful.

So, serious business aside, I wanna hear what everyone is up to! Even if you aren't gonna be around taking part all that much, random conversation is wanted!

I miss everyone Crying or Very sad Heart
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Voice Revamping
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